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My Donations for Teacher Appreciation Week and Front Line Workers

I've never been the best baker. So, even if I make cookies, they would be hard to digest. I've never been a great cooker either. So, if I cooked, I might burn something down. I can't knit, draw impressively, make paper figures, do origami, or make chocolates. But, I wanted to show my true gratefulness and appreciation, and hence why I ended up buying $100 worth of soap base, lip balm base, and candle base.

I ordered a batch on Amazon, and ended up going it to Michaels buying more there. On top of that, just a day ago, I ordered more on Amazon, so I'm planning to make another batch, but that part 2 will come later. I wanted to do something handmade and special for my teachers and for front line workers, while at the same time writing poems. (For those of you who don't know, I am the president of my school's poetry club. And April is National Poetry Month). I ended up trying out the soap making and falling in love with it. In the picture below you'll see my progression.

I decided to make a bar of soap, one can of lip balm, and one candle for every of my teachers and coaches. I also planned to gift my poetry book (Spoiler: Coming Soon...Get excited!) with that. For the front line workers, I decided to make a smaller bar of soap but in greater amounts, and a poem written by the Flintridge Poets.

The materials I had to prepare were:

- Misc Powder (Pearl)

- Food Coloring (Clear)

- Shea butter/buttermilk/goat milk soap base (white)

- Glycerin clear soap base (clear)

- Soap bar mold (Flower)

- Rectangular soap cutter and mold (Plain long rectangle)

- Smore's Sticks (For stirring)

- Perfume and other smells (Any fragrance and herbs)

I microwaved the base until it was liquid, dropped in the wanted coloring and fragrance, mixed it well, and poured it into the mold.

I am happy how it turned out and will definitely make more soaps to gift. Thank you all teachers and front line workers and happy national poetry month!

(Spoiler 2: I will be opening a very small soap/lip balm/candle business on instagram, I will update everyone with the account soon! Wish me luck!)


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