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SDG Official Bookclub New Books!

Hello Everyone!

This is EloEllie tuning in again! You've probably been wondering what I have been doing since last week instead of uploading a new podcast episode! I know that our 100+ listeners are all waiting. Well I have two pieces of good news. One, a new episode to season 3 (episode 3) is upcoming in less than 3 days, just some editing going on. Two, as an ambassador of the United Nation's SDG, sustainable development goals bookclub, I'm announcing that we have 4 new books! They are all in Korean, but if you opt to join our book club group with more than 10+ members, you will have access to live readings, analysis, and translations. To join this bookclub please email us at

To volunteer at our non-profit please also email us at with the Subject Line: Volunteer.

Thank you!


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